The Power of a Basic

The Power of a Basic

October 05, 2020

"A Basic"


The word "basic" often gets a bad reputation. In everyday life, you can see it used as a critique for a project, an insult for a simple personality, or an expression of the need for something more. 

However, when it comes to the world of fashion, one of the best things for an item to be called is a basic. Once an item has been called a basic, it has reached its peak. The item has been deemed a necessity for every woman’s closet, crowned the foundation of any wardrobe.  

Building your wardrobe is a lot like building a house: while fun and unique additions are always welcome, a house's most important element is its foundation. Build or buy a house with a weak foundation, and you eventually wind up in a lot of trouble. No matter what else you may have added to your home, its foundation is what actually keeps the integrity of your house. 

If you are in the process of building, fortifying, or remodeling your wardrobe, why would you risk creating a shaky foundation through buying clothing made of material that is not meant to last? Buying cheap basics might work when you are in a pinch, but they are not the key to creating a strong foundation for your wardrobe. As the foundation for your wardrobe, your basics need to be strong in all aspects: they must look amazing on you, but also be ready to withstand whatever life may throw at them, like a large number of cycles in the washing machine. 

At Papillon, we believe that the right basics can make or break your outfit - they are the one of the keys to everyday elegance. They can take your ensemble to the next level, or keep it from reaching its true potential. The right basics will have quality that you can not only feel, but see. Because we strongly believe in the power of the perfect basics, search far and wide to provide you with the very best, most amazing ones. 

That is why we are happy to highlight our favorite basic of the moment:  The Ameliora Dawn button down. This amazing button down comes in black, white, and gray, and is not like any other ones you may have seen. Just by touching it, you can feel its quality. This top is made of a 4-way stretch Italian fabric, ensuring an incredible fit. Wear it with jeans, slacks, a dramatic skirt, a cool jacket: you name it, this button down has got your back, and is sure to bring you everyday elegance. 

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