Ramina Pearls

 Ramina Rechard Pearls began in 1976 on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii a few steps from Sunset Beach. ​ 

Husband and wife, Ramina is creation and Richard determination.  Complimentary doubles by nature.  In the year 2006, "Ramina Rechard Pearls" jewelry business was set up in Thousand Oaks California, where Ramina's true craftsmanship fully emerged. ​ 

Specializing in custom design jewelry,  Richard and Ramina travel to  Europe on a regular basis to keep abreast of the most current fashion in jewelry. ​ Each of Ramina's custom designs are a collection of different moments of inspiration.  The austerity of black silver, the warmth of yellow gold, the beauty of the rainbow seen in the baroque pearls, as well as the strength and energy of stones.  

They both take pride in being experienced and professional, not only in the products that are produced and sold, but their dealings with their clientele.  They excel in delivering nothing but friendly and excellent service to anyone, from all walks of life.  Their warmth shows not only in their smiling faces as they greet you, but most importantly in their jewelry and customer service.  

Today Ramina's designs can be seen in the finest boutiques in Santa Barbara, Carmel, Napa Valley, Palo Alto, Dallas & the Hawaiian Island.

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