First Impressions of Fashion now changed. 

"[At Papillon] I try on clothing that I would never ever dream of trying on, but when its on me, it looks good...Krushenka has this a keen sense of style that I have never known anyone else to have, which is wonderful. 

I thought looking good and being in high fashion was more hands on and expensive to maintain, but it hasn't been. And all the clothing Ive gotten [at Papillon] has been timeless, I have had clothing that I still wear and it's been ten years!"

Watch the video below to hear Yuko's full story. 


On Styling, and Trying New Things

As the Papillon team knows - I am a client who is very selective.
I have a limited wardrobe, yet I am very passionate about style and design. I tend to select classic, sophisticated pieces that stand the test of time, but can also be edgy and eye catching.
Because of that, Krushenka (the owner) knows what will capture my heart. I love when she says: “Now that’s a Nancy piece!” She has also helped me step outside myself and experiment with alternatives that I may not think I would choose. She may say “just try this for me” and then I’ve ended up saying “YES that works!"

-Nancy, customer since 2014



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