How to be Elegantly Sustainable

How to be Elegantly Sustainable

February 18, 2021

We admit it. We are obsessed with fashion, and all its ups and downs. We love hopping on a good trend. One year, we will buy low rise jeans, just to donate them a few months later, as mid-rise and high-rise pants (thankfully) have become popular again. We buy things that are new and trending, only for them to tear a few months later, coinciding with the end of the trend. 

While we love keeping up with the latest fashion has to offer, this cycle of constantly doing away with the old and bringing in new does have its issues. Currently, the fast fashion industry is the second largest pollutant in the world, right behind the oil industry. And with the message the fashion industry constantly pushes, this issue can only get larger. 

Big fashion corporations tell the women of the world "Hey. It's completely normal for your clothing to only last you a few months. We have something brand new for you to try- your jacket that just tore is so 5 minutes ago anyways."

But is that really the way we should think about our wardrobe?

Part of true elegance is to believe in the beauty of quality. And not only to believe in quality, but also believe that we are deserving of it: items that not only look great, but feel absolutely luxurious. 

As we always love to preach at Papillon, the right outfit can raise your confidence in ways you never thought possible. Why buy cheap items that can only raise your confidence for a season? The best, most elegant wardrobes are ones that are sustainable. A closet full of cheap and trendy clothes can only last for so long. You deserve a wardrobe that can stand the test of time, so make sure to fill yours with items that will make you feel confident for longer than a change in weather. 

Keep your standards, heels, and heads high, ladies. Life throws many twists and turns our way: fill your closet with items that are as strong, unique, and beautiful as you are. Let's work on breaking these cycles with big fashion brands, and being Elegantly Sustainable together.

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