Streets Ahead

Streets Ahead has been a leading name brand in women's accessories for the past 35 years. The company's owner and founder, David Sack, created Streets Ahead in 1982. Introducing his unique perspective on style and his passion for original hand crafted accessories to the American market. The company manufactures their product in a factory in Southern California and is represented by David's wife and head of sales, Michelle Sack. Sourcing its leather and hardware from Italy, David is responsible for the endless years of new and inventive artisanal design. Streets Ahead emphasizes the simplicity and beauty that high end, hand crafted accessories bring to the fashion industry. In a world of constant change, Streets Ahead has remained a pillar of strength and Consistency. Combining classic American style with novelty one of a kind leathers, Streets Ahead will continue to create timeless pieces. Outlasting fleeting trends with effortless style and durability.

Proudly made in the USA.