Tat2 Designs "Sketch Book #2" Scarf

Tat2 Designs


Tat2 Designs "The Woman and the Bird" Scarf

Art Scarf
Wear Art Collides With Fashion
  • 4.75 ft by 4.75 ft (145cm by 145cm)
  • 100% Modal
  • Wearable artwork 
  • the finishing touch to any outfit
  • Scarf is in stock and ships within 2 days


Stuart is a sculptor and painter who pushes his art
into innovative and fresh territory wherein classical
Renaissance style meets the 21st century.
With the heart to conceive and the hand to execute,
Stuart takes influence from Nicola Pisano,
yet bearing an absence of the ecclesiastical
and the imitation of real people.

Stuart's painting are a continuation of
his imaginative sketchbook series
These paintings utilize elements that are found is
his studio and are either drawn, painted or sculpted
The end results are these masterful colorful designs.

to see more of Stuart's work visit:

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